Green River Gun Club Annual Night Match
September 23, 2017
This is going to be a zombie themed match so expect a lot of head shots on the zombie targets,
body shots on infected targets, several non-threats to avoid, and a few reflective zombie
targets thrown into the mix.
4pm setup
6:30pm mandatory shooters meeting (if you are not present for this meeting you will not shoot)
Match will start once it gets dark
This is an IDPA-like match using IDPA rules.
You must have shot 2 regular IDPA matches at any club previously to be eligible to shoot this match.
$15 match fee
Weapon Categories:
   Hand Held Light
   Weapon Mounted Light (must fit in holster with light attached)
   Weapon Mounted Light/Laser (must fit in holster with light/laser attached)
Side match for Rifle/PCC
   (the rifle/PCC shooters will be mixed in with the squads and will shoot the stage
   after the pistol shooters and before moving to the next stage)
   PCC (pistol caliber carbine) with weapon mounted light
   Rifle with weapon mounted light
All targets must be illuminated by the shooter prior to engaging the target.
The match for the pistols will consist of 5 stages with a round count of 76 rounds minimum.
The match for the rifle/PCC will consist of 3 stages (1, 4, & 5) with a round count of 47 rounds minimum.
The stages for this year's match are as follows:

Bay 1 Stage 1 (pistol and rifle)

Bay 2 Stage 2 (pistol only)

Bay 3 Stage 3 (pistol only)

Bay 4 Stage 4 (pistol and rifle)

Bay 5 Stage 5 (pistol and rifle)

Contact Info: Mike Seiler 270-404-0182
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