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2018 Club Officers

President:   Roger Stiles (270) 842-6123

Vice President: Steve Summers (270) 535-5892

Treasurer:   Ralph Schwartz , (270) 843-6268

Secretary: Marianna Stiles, (270) 842-6123

Executive Officer: John K. Humkey, (270) 792-0708

Range Officer:  Brian Lunty (270) 709-4194

Range Officer aka Chief Instructor.

For those needing "Orientation's" . . . your best bet is the New Shooter Orientation Day. (Look on the schedule for the date this year.)

Second best bet is AFTER a regularly scheduled shoot (Like IDPA on a 4th Saturday, or GRGC Steel Plate on 1st Sunday. Again, look at the Schedule.) Those will let you get all three things you need. Both "Observation" (of the Match), and shooting (maybe even a stage or round within the match if you feel comfortable), and The Verbal Orientation Section. Be patient, if we have a match going on, the Match Director has lots of things to do, and you'll need to wait until things settle after the match for the Orientation Part (but tell them up front that's what you're there for, so they can see you watch the Observation and allow you to shoot some). If you are just uncomfortable shooting a match stage . . . just shooting a few rounds (SAFELY) after the match will be enough.

Third choice is to contact the Range Officer (aka Chief Instructor). (But even if you contact the Range Officer and get the Verbal Orientation, and Observed shooting parts out of the way . . . you'll still need the Observation of a Regular Match.)

 2013 Officers

Match Contacts

Work Days    Roger Stiles, (270) 842-6123 or (270) 842-3106

Cowboy Action  
Phil Wilkins, (270) 529-3775 or (270) 792-9001

IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association)    Mike Seiler (270) 404-0182

Rifle Fun Shoot   Bo Green (270) 846-4470

GRGC Steel Plate   Gerry Flanagan, (270) 282-1354

ARA (American Rimfire Association)   John Payne (270) 991-1015  

3 Gun Action   John Mecklenburg (615) 500-5119   /    John Humkey (270) 792-0708

Crickett Fun Match Bradford "Crickett" Paschal (270) 320-8513


John Humkey (270) 792-0708



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