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Green River Gun Club offers its members clean, well-maintained facilities comprised of a traditional long gun and handgun range with berm-type backstops out to 200 yards, a handgun-only action pistol course, and a cowboy action course.

For a video of the Grounds, showing the Ranges, click HERE

The primary range is sheltered by a long roof and features a number of benches, tables and chairs on a bi-level concrete floor. The handgun portion of the range has steel swinging targets, while the long gun portion features large wooden target boards at 50, 100, and 200 yards. Free-standing target stands are also provided, as well as traps for shotgunner’s enjoyment.

There is no electricity or running water at this facility, but a Porta-John is provided. (Three actually.)

If you would like to join us or would like more information, please follow the link provided in the menu to the left of this page. 

Remember : The Gale Stiles Range is open for general club member use for Pistol and Rimfire Rifle, when not hosting a regularly scheduled event. 

And the Rimfire Bench Rest range (Bay one of Gale Stiles Range) is open for general club member use for RIMFIRE ONLY, when not hosting a regularly scheduled event. 

>> General News <<

Saturday: For Members/Families only, Trap Practice 4pm-6pm with Practice shoot starting around 6pm. Come see what it's all about.

>> Trap Shooting News <<

Special Congratulations to Dewayne Wilson, for shooting the first four round 100 on the new Trap Range. (Also, thanks again for donating the Trap Machine.)

Regarding Monday's Trap sessions: Posting for John Payne: We are not going to play a weather guess game each Monday night! We will offer the trap practice every Monday 4 to 9 pm. Come dressed for the weather and you can shoot in the rain if it is raining if you wish as some trap competitions are held during rain. No one will be allowed on the field if there is lightning. Bring your shotgun, shells, ear protection, eye protection, and a chair to rest in between rounds if you wish. I want people to know if they want shoot, the range will always be open unless there is a mechanical problem.

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: The trap range will be open to the public throwing practice targets Monday evenings from 5:00 until 9:00 PM starting the first week of June. Cost will be $4.00 per round (25 targets) shooting both singles and handicap practice. Please spread the word as this will be a revenue source for the club as well as a great deal of fun!

MEMBERS/FAMILY ONLY NIGHT: We're offering "Introduction to trap", a brief overview of how the game is played, safety procedures and a few tips to make your shooting successful every Saturday afternoon in June starting at 4:00 PM. Plan on shooting 2 rounds of targets at $4.00 each and please bring 2 boxes of moderate velocity number 7.5 or 8 lead shot ammo. Any choke works with modified being about perfect. IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING this, somewhere around 6:00 PM, the trap range will be open to members/family only for practice trap until around 9:00. We hope this will provide a great time for our members to enjoy the new range and get to know one another.

Tuesday/Thursday 6pm-9pm will continue to be 4H/FFA KIDS ONLY nights.

Remember : Normally, the range is Private-Closed, and available only to Members, but DURING REGULAR SCHEDULED MATCH EVENTS like 3Gun, IDPA, ARA, ATA, and Cowboy Action, THAT EVENT RANGE is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC to attend that Match/Event. Spectators for regularly scheduled events are welcome. Participants are very welcome. Come see what its all about. You may find something you like. 

If you need a public range to shoot at, here are some options:

Indoor - Sherwood's Guns and Indoor Shooting Range
Address: 940 Bryant Way, Bowling Green, KY 42101
Phone:   (270) 784-8777    Mon-Sat 9am-7pm

Outdoor - Rockcastle Shooting Center
   Park City, KY

Indoor - Guns & Leather
   Greenbriar, TN
   Hendersonville, TN

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